June 20, 2020

Can aspheric contact lenses be replaced by a toric contact lens?

There was a time when astigmatism didn't have any soft contacts as an option. When rays that propagate in two perpendicular planes in the optical system have different foci, the condition is called astigmatism, which is of two types.

There are now lenses available for that, which can be soft, or RGPs, colored, or colorless, in various options. Toric contact lenses are the name for the lenses used for the patients of astigmatism. They are either soft or RGPs. The difference lies in the design of the lens. There are two powers in the lens, one for astigmatism, while the other is for myopia or hyperopia. An added mechanism to provide a crisp vision is there. It makes sure than when one blinks; the lenses don't rotate on the eyes. For obvious reasons, Toric contact lenses are expensive as compared to other lenses.

Now, can aspheric contact lens be replaced with the Toric contact lens? Well, the answer is no.

In the case of mild astigmatism, Toric contacts aren't necessary. When astigmatism is between zero and one diopter (+001 or -001), one may wear spherical RGPs or even soft contact lenses. Because cornea changes the shape a bit due to the lenses, they can help in giving the right vision in case the astigmatism is less than one diopter. It is always better to consult a doctor before making a decision. It may be a different condition for someone, and there may be more complications involved, which only a doctor could possibly tell. One can use an aspheric lens for this. And the best aspheric lens was used to be Frequency 55. After the company discontinued its operation, different Frequency 55 aspheric alternatives become available in the market.

There are various options among the Frequency 55 Lenses today. For example, one can choose between the frequent replacement, disposable, and daily disposable lenses. A registered practitioner can be a better guide to which of these to go for, depending on the condition.

Colored lenses are available, which either change the color of one's eyes or may enhance the eye color. There may be an option of disposable colored lenses; however, in most cases, colored Toric contacts have a fixed replacement period. Multifocal Torics are an option for presbyopia. They are non-disposable mostly and are RGPs. However, there may be some soft disposable lenses.

Aspheric silicone hydrogen gel brands are available, which may come with a 30-day disposal period. Some may even be ordered to be made to suit specific needs or sort particular problems. Aspheric contact Lenses are flexible options usually, which are the best for astigmatism patients, and may be made for specific conditions also. Consult a doctor first and take a call.

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